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Functional Nutrition

A blueprint for optimizing your health, energy, and well-being.

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Nutrition Is Foundational

Laying a solid foundation of lifestyle habits & nutrition is the first step to living optimally. No matter where you are at in life it is never too late to start laying down the foundations.
"Eating well is a form of self respect"

- Colleen Quigley -

About Lisa

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"Lisa is personable, nonjudgmental, and knowledgeable of the digestive process. She is available to answer questions and give suggestions. I did the restart program with her and, even with traveling, have lost 9 lbs on week three. Education was the purpose of the restart and weight loss was the evidence of putting that education to use."

- Dawn M. from Tulsa, OK. -

Hello! I’m Lisa!

My Nutrition Philosophy

To live a vibrant life we must nourish our body with nutrient dense foods that support health & vitality, move our bodies, & feed our souls. Wellness is a lifestyle and not a fad diet. The goal should be to support the foundations of health and there is not a sustainable quick results method. My goal is to guide and support you in your journey to sustainable wellness.

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